Students Face Tougher Tests That Outpace Lesson Plans

At Public School 10 on the edge of Park Slope, Brooklyn, parents begged the principal to postpone the lower school science fair, insisting it was going to add too much pressure while they were preparing their children for the coming state tests.

Forging ahead with nutty teacher evaluation plan

By Carol Corbett Burris  New York State Commissioner John King is about to get tough with 10 school districts that have not finalized negotiations on their teacher evaluation plans. He threatened to take away their schools’ improvement grants if they do not comply. With little or no consideration of countervailing concerns, the commissioner’s approach illustrates the 'My way or the highway' mantra of Race to the Top reformers. The plan, of course, is to blame the unions that are wisely looking at evaluation mandates with a critical eye.

Local schools can decide if science teachers are responsible for students who don't do work

State education officials said today that it's up to local school officials -- not the state -- to decide whether science teachers should be held responsible for students who don't complete their required lab work.

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Special NYSUT Leader Briefing - The latest attack on tenure

NYSUT's vigorous defense of tenure continues with our statement today challenging the unsupported claims of former journalist Campbell Brown, who -- as expected -- has filed suit against New York state tenure law.

This copycat lawsuit was triggered by a lower court ruling in California that gutted teacher tenure rights there. Our legal team expects the California ruling to be overturned and is confident that challenges to New York state's tenure laws are without merit. Nonetheless, we take nothing for granted and are defending tenure aggressively in the courts and in the court of public opinion. You can help us amplify our message -- which we are promoting through mainstream and social media -- by sharing our statement with members and the public: on Twitter, Facebook, via email and in person.